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Canyoning is an extreme sport, which involves moving through deep riverbeds, waterfalls and rock cliffs using alpine techniques and equipment. It is is more often associated with technical descents — those that require abseils (rappels) and rope work, technical climbing or down-climbing, technical jumps, and/or technical swims. Canyoning is a fast growing sport and is becoming more and more popular in Bulgaria.
Following the natural path of water, you will go through canyons and waterfalls and the only way is down! The combination of rappelling, the water falling on you and jumping into the water below you will take you to a different world.
Canyoning is a great opportunity to cool down during the warm days of the year!

Vlahi waterfall

Descend a waterfall using rappelling – an extreme experience suitable for everyone. You will…
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Plan your own route through the picturesque mountains of Bulgaria or choose one of our favourite ones and we will take care of everything else. The best certified mountain guides of Adventure Net will help you plan, prepare and execute your tour to the distant and hard to reach peaks of all of Bulgaria’s mountains.
If you are tired or bored from your routine, hiking will help you relax from your everyday stress and fulfil an old dream of a long planned route through the magical valleys and towering peaks of Bulgaria.

Ski Touring

We would say that ski touring is a mixture of trekking, walking, going up…
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Планински преход

From Vihren to Sinanitsa

We invite you on a thrilling three-day adventure through Bulgarian’s mountains! In addition to…
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Real Adventure

Real Adventure Bulgaria is our latest company project. The focus of the project is small-group adventure travels which will allow you to fully experience all aspects of Bulgarian culture and nature and to enjoy valuable time with your family, friends, loved ones or simply with yourself. With these trips we want to challenge conventional and established means of taking a vacation by proposing various trips in Bulgaria that combine a range of tourism opportunities: Cultural, Eco, Ethno, Extreme, Food, Wildlife, Religious, and Medical-Spa. Don`t allow our recommendations to limit your imagination and tell us if there is a special place that you would like to visit.

Mountain Biking

'Ride to live and live to ride' - Hell’s Angels motto, admitted from the mountain riders participated in 5 km Cascade Fire Trail competitions near Fairfax, California during the 70’s. Nowadays the mountain biking is getting more and more popularity around the world, as it’s a great combination of riding a bike, enjoying the nature, and getting your adrenaline at maximum. And we’ll be glad to share with you our favorite and energizing routes for mountain biking in Bulgarian beautiful mountains.

Mountain bike in Kresna Gorge

Riding a bike into the amazing Bulgarian nature is a great pleasure! The combination…

Kilometers of Adventures

This route crosses from East to West the Western Rhodopi and the South of…

Horse Riding

The horse riding tours are one of the most relaxing and wonderful methods to rest and enjoy the beautiful Bulgarian nature. Suitable both for beginners and advanced riders, the horse riding tour is also magical interaction between animal and human.

Horse riding in Razlog region

The route is among the footsteps of Rila mountain, through diverse terrain which includes…
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