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The Rafting Season 2023 has started!!
Summer rafting with kids

Rafting with kids – great family adventure!

An adventurous note to your family holiday – why not?

Rafting with Kids? Most of the parents would be really suspicious while hearing such offer. We would like to assure you that there are seasons and river routs in Bulgaria which are absolutely fine for having rafting with kids.

Summer season is usually the time for arranging a family holiday. If you have Bulgaria as a destination for your next summer family trip – don’t miss to check the options for rafting in the area you are staying or travelling. There are several rivers suitable for rafting in Bulgaria. For the summer season Struma River is most popular as usually it keeps a good water level.

The rafting spots on Struma River are on the way from Sofia to Greece. So definitely such adventure could be combined with sightseeing. Just a few spots on our list that are recommended to visit – Rila Monastrey, Bansko, Melnik.

If you and your family are nature lovers and like sleeping on tents – we would definitely invite you to spend a night, or more, at our Rafting camp 🙂

The rafting itself…

When it comes to the rafting with kids itself – our team will take care to make the safety instructions and training in a way understandable for everybody. Our rafting guides have a great experience working with kids, as we do summer camps with rafting and kayak activities each year.

In the river the kids will have fun while receiving special commands from the Rafting guide. Or they could participate actively while paddling as well. For the adults we have bar with various refreshment drinks once you finish with the rafting activity.

The family rafting program is suitable for three generations – kids, parents, grandma and grandpa.
As many as you are – more the fun will be!

Games, fun, adventure for kids and adults, white water, beautiful nature! Time for creating memories with your beloved ones and enjoying the summer time!

Looking forward to see you in Bulgaria and our most favorite region – Kresna Gorge!