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Spring rafting in Bulgaria

Spring rafting – Why is it great in Bulgaria?

Spring Rafting in Bulgaria – why not?

Spring is one of the best seasons in Bulgaria! The nature is coming back in all colors after the white and cold winter.

The rivers are getting larger and faster, thus becoming ideal for embarking on a new and great adventure – rafting. It’s great to share with a nice company and friends. Still if you are on your own, no worries – we’ll make sure you will get lots of fun!

Why choose Struma River?

The high water lever of Struma River makes it the most suitable for spring rafting in Bulgaria. You could be sure the river will fulfill all expectations for thrill and entertainment. In the beginning of the rafting season, the early spring, when the snow melts, it guarantees a lot of adrenaline for the brave ones. In the summer and autumn be prepared for breathtaking views at the heart of the unique Kresna Gorge.

Joining us in Adventure Net, you could have an adventure with maximum adrenaline, or more relaxed route if you prefer so. We believe that after your first descent, you will definitely need more and more – it could be with different guide, maybe kayak, or maybe with your kids.

You need to know it’s important to have good equipment for rafting and we are going to provide you full set of spring rafting equipment.

Definitely this experience will bring you lots of positive emotions, enthusiasm and will energize you. Our goal is to make you love it and respect it as we do!

Overall we could say the best rafting time in Bulgaria with lots of water and big waves is in the spring time. Yet depending on the rains – summer and fall time could be as well quite interesting. And of course they are great for family or more relaxing rafting.

Looking forward to welcome you on the River!