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Activities near Bansko - Fishing

Things to do in Bansko area in the summer

Activities in Bansko and its area for the summer season – what to do?

Maybe you’ve already visited various nice places that offer traditional food in Bansko 🙂 This is just a small part of the experience you could expect here, so we would like to offer some activities you might be interested, out of the winter season.

Type of vacation we could have in Bansko and its area

For the summer – most of the people would arrange vacation by the sea. For some of us the most charming, full-breasted and bursting with healthy summer vacation is near the mountain. In a combination with nice and entertaining activities this could be a great romantic or family vacation.

Bansko and its area could offer great options for your summer vacation due to its location in Pirin mountain. At the same time you could choose from various options to stay – luxury hotels, small family hotels, guesthouses, camp sites in the area, mountain huts.

Below you will find some of our favourite activities in Bansko area


It’s nice way to explore the great nature in the area. There are lots of routs, it’s absolutely recommended to follow the marked trails especially if you are not experienced mountaineer or haven’t been to the area.


There are several small fish farms in the area, where you could spend great time fishing or just order from the daily menu. Definitely check Belizmata or Krinets. Both are suitable for kids and great family time. They could provide you rods so you can check your luck 🙂

Mountain Biking

There are seven marked routes for Mountain biking in the area with difficulty from 1* to 5*. This sport is great as you could visit some nice places in the mountain in a day with no harmful effect to the nature. You can rent suitable for you bike in Bansko and if needed to ask for guided tour.

Horse Riding

Again great activity in Bansko area which will help you to discover the beauty of the nature. In the last several years it appeared that our team spent lots of time in Perivolas and Dvorene. In both places you could choose from lessons for beginners and horse riding through different routes. Perivolas is a little bit far from Bansko in Bachevo village, yet the views and the welcoming hosts will not disappoint you.

Traditions and Culture

This activity could exhaust you if you decide to try and learn Bulgarian traditional dance 🙂 While we were at Deshka’s house at Gorno Draglishte we had really fulfilling time while dancing with the old ladies from the village, trying to prepare part of the lunch and putting traditional costumes. At the end the group was rewarded as the food prepared in a traditional way mostly with fresh ingredients from Deshka’s garden was absolutely fantastic.


Great activity in Bansko area that could be practiced is Rafting – we could not miss that one 🙂 You could reach our rafting base for nearly 40 minutes if you travel from Bansko. So if you have the time just include it to your program.

Choosing Bansko and the area for your holiday will definitely guarantee you lots of options for activities. If you need any support in arranging your trip in the area you could definitely reach us for more details.

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Have a great and smiley summer time!