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information about first rafting descent

First rafting descent – when and where is best to make it?

As we like to say, it’s always a good time to try something new! 🙂

This ‘rule’ definitely applies for rafting descent as well.

In case you have any concerns regarding your first rafting descent – it’s recommended to share in advance with the company you are booking a tour with. The company adviser should explain and give recommendation which program would be the most appropriate for you. They could also provide an information about the best season for you. Most rivers has their high level during spring season, and are pretty calm during the summer. Other rivers are not suitable for rafting runs in the summer as they don’t have enough water. 

River or Rapids Classification

Usually in the description of the program it’s specified if it’s suitable for beginners respectfully for first rafting descent. Another option is to have information about the class of the river. The class of a river is defined depending on the number and type of rapids it has and the skills you need to have in order to overcome the most difficult parts of the river. The guided tours which includes non-professionals participants, are arranged at river routs maximum class 3. If you hear a river is class 6, that means there are parts of the river with really extreme rapids. Such rapids and parts should be only attempted by expert teams. Still there could be great easier routs suitable for guided tours and beginners.
If you would like to learn a little bit more about river or rapids classification – you could check this article.

Details for Struma River

We always recommend you to share with the team of Adventure Net if this is your first rafting run. So your guide will be able to chose the most suitable program during the descent. Thus you can feel the adventure with full force and emotion, and no fear in the heart.

For Struma River the rapids are classified as class 3, while there is one rapid class 4 which is not part of the rafting routes for non professionals. 

Also it’s good to take into consideration that each person is different. If you are extreme sports lover in general, and you have already tried other similar sports, you will probably want to have your first rafting run in April and May. In these two months the river is the fastest and the level of the water is higher. If you are more peaceful person, maybe you would like to combine paddling with enjoying the tranquility of Kresna gorge. Then we would recommend you trying rafting in the summer and autumn months.

For family Rafting – you could have three generations in a boat, again the summer and autumn months are the most suitable.

Rafting and Kayaking activities are great ways to get rid of the stressful day to day routine we all live in. The river and the team in your boat will energize you, get ready for positive emotions, a lot of fun and great time!

Touch the new and the extreme!