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The Rafting Season 2023 has started!!
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Courses and Trainings

Pre-training rafting guide course 16-18 April 2022 Rafting & Kayak Eco regatta Clean Struma 17-18 April 2022 Recreation & safety rafting meeting 17 April 2022 Guide Training workshop & assessment  RG TL SK    19-21 April 2022  Spring & Birthday Party 16 April 2022 Location: Struma river, Kresna Gorge, Simitli-Kresna, Bulgaria, Rafting camp Adventure net. Local organizer:,   IRF workshop & Assessment Raft-guide, Trip leader or Safety Kayak Dates: 19th – 21th of April 2022                    Duration: 3 days   During the workshop you’ll get the opportunity to train and to be assessed as either

Workshops for Rafting guides, Trip Leaders and Whitewater Rescue 3 Technician Pro will be hosted from Adventure Net during season 2020. The first two will be conducted according to IRF standards. Since 1997 the International Rafting Federation is recognised as the world governing body for Rafting Sport, while main focus for the organization is the safety while practicing rafting, both as commercial and sport activities and events. This is why each year are arranged several workshops and assessments all over the world, which have to keep high level

Rafting Guides, Trip Leaders and Whitewater Rescue Courses will be organizing and hosted from Adventure Net in early spring time. If you already have some experience you will be able to sign up directly for the IRF assessment/certification exam. Below you will find detailed information about the courses. Main Details Dates: 23rd of March 2019 – 30 March 2019 Location: Struma river, Kresna Gorge, Simitli-Kresna, Bulgaria Instructors: Davor Kos, Croatia - IRF instructor, class 4. Alexandar Pastir, Bosnia and Herzegovina- IRF instructor, class 3, Whitewater & Swiftwater Rescue 3 Instructor. Local organizer: Adventure Net,, Course