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The Rafting Season 2023 has started!!
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Rafting Season 2020 - Opening and Program According to the tradition the season will start with an exciting official opening. The program includes open fest with various activities and workshops. Main focus will be the tree planting initiative in the regions affected from the Kresna gorge fires in 2017! We are really thankful about the chance to support Municipality of Kresna and the State Forestry of Kresna in this initiative. When? Dates will be announced soon. And this year host will be Adventure Net, who are going to welcome all guests

Rafting questions you might have and what's important to know - we will try to answer in the article below. Let's say in the beginning that this is collective, fun and relaxing to extreme sport that requires teamwork, mutual assistance and trust between the participants. That's why it's great experience for group gatherings, friends, families, corporate and teambuilding events as it improves the communication between the people who share it. The beauty of the nature and the adrenaline in the rapids are just some of the things that will make

An adventurous note to your family holiday – why not? Rafting with Kids? Most of the parents would be really suspicious while hearing such offer. We would like to assure you that there are seasons and river routs in Bulgaria which are absolutely fine for having rafting with kids. Summer season is usually the time for arranging a family holiday. If you have Bulgaria as a destination for your next summer family trip – don’t miss to check the options for rafting in the area you are staying or travelling.

Spring Rafting in Bulgaria - why not? Spring is one of the best seasons in Bulgaria! The nature is coming back in all colors after the white and cold winter. The rivers are getting larger and faster, thus becoming ideal for embarking on a new and great adventure - rafting. It's great to share with a nice company and friends. Still if you are on your own, no worries - we'll make sure you will get lots of fun! Why choose Struma River? The high water lever of Struma River makes it

As we like to say, it's always a good time to try something new! :) This 'rule' definitely applies for rafting descent as well. In case you have any concerns regarding your first rafting descent – it’s recommended to share in advance with the company you are booking a tour with. The company adviser should explain and give recommendation which program would be the most appropriate for you. They could also provide an information about the best season for you. Most rivers has their high level during spring season, and