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Kids camps in Bulgaria

Kids camps in Bulgaria from Adventure Net

Kids Camps with hundreds of adventures!

Our kids camps offer an unforgettable adventure that builds up the children’s physical endurance, provokes their creativity, and teaches them essential skills. After another stressful school year, the camps offer an opportunity for complete relaxation and many opportunities for life-long memories.

At Adventure Net, we believe that outdoor activities and sport, nature, as well as new friendships, are crucial in children’s lives. Our aim is to encourage children to be independent and to give them confidence they can succeed in different situations on their own.

During the summer the camps are held at rafting camp Adventure Net in the picturesque Pirin mountains and at our summer camp near to Gradina beach, Sozopol. During the winter we are in Rila lakes hut, ready for ski and snowboard lessons!

Winter camps

182 BGN / per person
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What is included in the kids camps program?

Focus of each of our kids camps programs are the outdoor activities – designed and suitable for children. In the mornings we will get up early – usually on the second day everyone is already in rhythm and waiting for the morning wake-up. We’ll continue the day with nice morning gymnastics. Depending on our camp location, it could be at the beach, near the river or in the snow. Despite the refreshing morning activity, we’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery and the animals in the area.

More details about the activities during each kids camp could be found in the program information.

Additionally we invite different guests, who support us by arranging interesting lectures and conversations. Our friends from Bulgarian Red Cross are always ready to share skills and practical advice on providing first aid help by ourselves. Representatives from hunting associations tell us secret stories of wild animals. We will learn how to recognize the sounds that some of them make. In the program we include games with Eco and social themes focus.

The evenings are reserved for fun games around the camp fire or fireplace, songs and poems, talents, music and dancing.

Why choose kids camp for your child?

In our kids camps the children are at different age – between 7 and 16 years old. The maximum age is 18 years old, and usually these are kids who have already been participants in our programs and are coming back. During the kids camp each child has the opportunity to communicate with coevals, as well as with older and younger kids. This supports building responsibility, tolerance, perseverance, empathy while communicating with others.

After a few hours together, the children forget about their differences in everyday life. This way they have the opportunity to build many new and fulfilling friendships. Computers and electronic games are replaced with real adventures and unforgettable memories.

Rules during the Kids Camps

Our rules are not many, still we have some in place 🙂

It is important for us to be tolerant to each other, to take care for ourselves and for the others, to be one big adventurous family during the camp.

In order to fully enjoy all games and friendly conversations, we will forget about phones, television and games for a while. So get ready to put your phone in a special box for almost all day. And the last rule is to have fun and smile a lot! 🙂

Curious facts for parents

The child is an extension of the human physical and spiritual beginning. That is why we are obliged to provide kids with the necessary care in order to have a carefree childhood.

One of the most important things are the children’s health and immune system and how to prevent them?

Scientific studies show that the child’s psyche is endangered due to our lifestyle, hectic and difficult daily routine. The child is an extremely fragile creature who needs special and continuous care. Fully engaged with our daily tasks, we often forget that our children need more than just food, kids movies, or computer games. They need a direct contact with the nature, other children, and animals.

Bulgaria offers many places where we can enjoy the positive energy of the nature, to rest and spend joyful moments with our family. Remember this, let’s try to have more time with our kids in the nature!