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Клуб за екстремни спортове Adventure Net. Запазете вашето желано приключение с нас.

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Да спасим Кресна - историята обяснена ... Виж повечеВиж по-малко

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Наближава най - женският месец! 🥰
💝 Изненадайте вашите близки и обичани дами... с малко адреналин! 🎀🚣‍♀️🌊🤩
📣 Вземете приключенски подарък за рафтинг на цена 40 лева! 🤩🎀🎁💝
🤩Направете вашата заявка до 8 Март, за да се възползвате от отстъпката! 🔝🔝🔝
☎️ 02/9446765 💌office@adventurenetbg.com
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Утре, Ви очакваме! 🥰❄️⛷🏂🎿 ... Виж повечеВиж по-малко

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❗️❗️❗️Последни записвания за Детски лагер Рилски езера ❗️❗️❗️
👉Датата е 29.02-3.03.2020г
☎️Обади се още днес и резервирай 📩☎️
👉невероятно изживяване
👉подобряване на техниката в ските
👉нови запознанства и приятелства
👉прекрасна обстановка и домашна храна
👉индивидуално отношение към всеки участник
👉добра екипировка
👉безопасност и застраховка
👉и още....още много игри, забавления и изненади
Хайде какво чакаш? Само ни се обади или пиши:
☎️ 02/9446765 📧 office@adventurenetbg.com
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Our story

Who are Adventure Net?

Adventure Net is a pioneer and a leading Bulgarian company for adventures with rafting, kayaking, mountain hiking and biking, team building projects and camps for kids. Established in 2001 from a group of young enthusiasts, adventure and nature lovers, our mission is to popularize outdoor activities, extreme sports and Bulgaria as a touristic destination. We believe that positive emotions and good mood are key for our well-being.

Our story begins in 2002 when Adventure Net organizes the first ever commercial rafting on the Struma river. Only two runs were made with military grade boats that Emilia and Emil somehow managed to find. In the following year, runs are organized every weekend, the season continues for two months, and we are already in media and on TV. In 2004, the season already lasts three months and we have professional rafting equipment.
Since 2005 the season begins with an official opening ceremony that we host on our camp.

Over the years we have laid the foundations of commercial rafting in Bulgaria. Every year the interest towards the sport is increasing and the company is already at world standard level.

Why are we doing this?

During our humble lives on this planet, we have come to develop deep feelings for this small patch of land that we call Bulgaria. We have on numerous occasions visited the places that are included in your itineraries and believe that they will help you acquire an insight into Bulgaria`s unique nature and culture. Perhaps at the end of your trip, you will understand our profound devotion and passion and get to love our country as much as we do…

Eco initiatives

Eco projects on Struma River

Eco Regatta 'Clean Struma'

Every year Adventure Net organizes a unique, one of its kind collection of the garbage in the Struma River with rafts and kayaks. Every year the waters become contaminated with garbage which spoil the amazing views along the river and damage the local flora and fauna. We gather organizers, guides, friends, clients and other enthusiasts and with combined efforts we clean the river while having fun and enjoying ourselves. We award anyone who participates in the event with free of charge rafting!

Our clients

Get to know some of our corporate clients!