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Да спасим Кресна - историята обяснена ... Виж повечеВиж по-малко

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Наближава най - женският месец! 🥰
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Утре, Ви очакваме! 🥰❄️⛷🏂🎿 ... Виж повечеВиж по-малко

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❗️❗️❗️Последни записвания за Детски лагер Рилски езера ❗️❗️❗️
👉Датата е 29.02-3.03.2020г
☎️Обади се още днес и резервирай 📩☎️
👉невероятно изживяване
👉подобряване на техниката в ските
👉нови запознанства и приятелства
👉прекрасна обстановка и домашна храна
👉индивидуално отношение към всеки участник
👉добра екипировка
👉безопасност и застраховка
👉и още....още много игри, забавления и изненади
Хайде какво чакаш? Само ни се обади или пиши:
☎️ 02/9446765 📧
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Things to do in Bansko area

Summer is not just zen by the sea, lying on the sand and salty hair. The most charming, full-breasted and bursting with healthy summer vacation is in the cool of the mountain. A luxury mountain hotel and a person close to the heart – just two things, representing the complex formula of a good time spent.

Lying in the sun is not just laziness and rest. This is the act of vital energy reserves accumulation. You will need them when you return to a busy working daily life. In Bansko, the solar radiation raises the mercury of the thermometer up to 35 degrees. But here this warmth is pleasantly refreshed by the mountain coolness and the fresh blow of the wind. On a lawn or by the hotel pool – get your dose of happiness from the rays.

When it comes to sightseeing around Bansko, there is no way not to start with nature – it is the first that grabs people, lifting their spirits as the city approaches. Bansko is located at the foot of Northern Pirin, and the mountain has a distinct Alpine character, alternating magnificent views. Here, tourists can enjoy inspiring panoramas from numerous peaks, load up positively and relax for months ahead with vistas that will be remembered for life.

Bansko predisposes to many outdoor sports activities. If your muscles need toning, shortly before your body takes on the shape of an office chair, here you can try rafting, horseback riding, mountain biking.

Of course, walks and hikes in the mountains are always a good solution for your free time, with routes with varying degrees of difficulty. However, if you are in the mood for more adrenaline-filled entertainment, you’ve chosen the right area. You can try mountain biking, and the proximity of the Struma and Mesta rivers to the city provides excellent conditions for rafting.

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