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100 BGN / per person

Kayaking is pure adrenaline even lower than the water level Exciting descent with a two-seater kayak Gumotex on the river Iskar Kayaking on the Iskar River. Downhill with a two-seater kayak Gumotex on the river Iskar, captivating speed and pure adrenaline – the solution for every adventurer! Kayaking is adrenaline…

4 часа/ ден
375 BGN / per person

Entertaining Easter Holiday combination of various activities and traditions in the beautiful Kresna Gorge, Bulgaria.

90 BGN / per person

Kayaking on the river Struma – time for an exciting adventure and a lot of emotions! What is a kayak in fast water with an inflatable kayak? For fast kayaking with an inflatable kayak, we could say that it is quite “gentle” compared to standard plastic fast water kayaks. An…

245 BGN / per person

Kardzhali Dam is the second largest dam wall Experience an unforgettable kayak weekend at Kardzhali Dam! Kayaking on Kardzhali dam – the second largest wall of the dam, and in construction, shape and design it is unique for the entire Balkan Peninsula, and the curious thing about it is that it…

189 BGN / per person

Kayak weekend in the Rhodopes – Golyam Beglik dam Mystical morning mists combined with the scent of centuries-old pine forests Kayak weekend at Golyam Beglik dam. The nature reserve and the dam of the same name in the Western Rhodopes are a wonderful place for a secluded holiday without dust,…