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Climbing in Bansko and Banya village

Climbing in Bansko and Banya village

15лв. per person

Bansko and the area are most popular with ski and snowboard during the winter months. Still if you want to pepper your vacation with something different, we are offering two options for climbing in the region of Bansko and Banya village.


Rock Climbing

If you are fan of the morning skiing and in the afternoon would like to try something different, or just want to add another activity to your list, you could definitely try climbing at The Caves.

Going down with the ski, directly with your equipment you could stop by for several climbing routes  The Caves area is close to Chalin Valog ski road.

At The Caves spot there are 13 routes altogether, with different grades, suitable for beginners and advanced climbers.

After the great active day, you could check the near restaurant – the food and drinks are quite good 🙂

Price: 20 BGN per person, minimum number of people for arranging a group is 4

Duration: one hour

Price includes: instructor, ropes and belay devices, harness and helmet.


Climbing on artificial wall – Banya village

The climbing wall is situated in Banya village, it’s outside and with various forms. The height is from 10 to 13 meters in the different points and the width is 12 meters. You could combine this activity with visiting some warm healing mineral pools in Banya village.

Price: 15 BGN per person

Price includes: instructor, ropes and belay devices, harness and helmet.

Duration: one hour

Price includes: instructor, ropes and belay devices, harness and helmet.

*Both programs are suitable for beginners and advanced.

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