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Giant children’s camp on the mountain – Rila Lakes

Giant children’s camp on the mountain – Rila Lakes

385 BGN per person

An adventure inspired by a legend of giants

Giant children’s camp on the mountain in Bulgaria

One of the legends about Rila Lakes tells how the area was inhabited by giants who fought against the elements and bravely defended the mountain from evil forces.

This children’s camp is designed to awaken in children, our giants – the spirit of adventure, love of the mountains and a desire to discover and learn new things and places. The program includes a visit to interesting destinations and an overnight stay in the Rila Lakes hut. The activities will be related to orienteering in the mountains through natural elements and a compass, building bivouacs, learning various legends about the area. Transitions and games with eco and traditional orientation. Visit to the mineral pool.

At the same time the adrenaline in a lot more, because you are on the front line constantly and close to the water. For comparison, in rafting the boat occupies a higher position. When kayaking on the Struma River we use a two-seater inflatable kayak Gumotex, and in the second place a professional guide goes down with you. All the while, your guide gives directions and explains the best line to cross the rapids.

The route also has calm sections, so you will have the opportunity to make an analysis of the way you are doing, to ask the questions that excite you or just to take a breath before the next fast 🙂


Rila Lakes hut has been completely renovated! Located next to the unique natural phenomenon – the Seven Rila Lakes, the hut offers modern accommodation, cleanliness and comfort, a rich variety of delicious home-cooked food. Distance from Sofia: 90 km, near the town of Sapareva Banya and the resort Panichishte.


Transport by minibus Sofia – Tsari Mali Grad – starting station of the lift Rila Lakes – Sapareva Banya – Sofia


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided during the camp. The food is prepared on site, and the menu is varied, including fruits and vegetables.

More information

For registration it is necessary to specify the specific dates for summer camp • The three names and PIN of the child are required for insurance, as well as the telephone number and name of the parent / guardian • To confirm the reservation you need a deposit of 50% of the total amount that can be deposited in our office or by bank transfer • If canceled a week before the camp, the deposit is not refundable •

The camp can include children for some of the days, with organized own transport base of the summer camp. * The organizers reserve the right to reschedule the program in the event of force majeure circumstances beyond their control. * The price for the camp does not include shooting and providing photos.

It is necessary to wear

– warm clothes, windbreaker, fleece, long socks, gaiters, hat, comfortable sports clothes, swimwear

– hiking boots, sports light shoes for the hut, bath slippers

– bath towel, linen for all days

– sunglasses

– sunscreen

– individual first aid kit, water bottle

* We recommend that luggage be in a tourist backpack. It is desirable to have a small backpack during classes in which to carry water and spare clothes during the hikes.

* When enrolling a child in a camp, the parent / guardian confirms that he / she is familiar with the program
– Declares his desire for his child to participate in the activities and agrees with the conditions and activities organized by Adventure Group;

– Declares its consent to the personal data that it provides to be processed by Adventure Group EOOD;
– Informs about the health status and specific needs of the child

Who is the giant children’s summer camp on the mountain suitable for?

The minimum age of the children – participants in the giant camp is 8 years. The activities are also extremely suitable for teenagers 🙂

* You can give this program as a gift for a special occasion with our vouchers with a fun design. The specific week can be selected later.

Discover your next adventure and make it memorable!

If you think this experience is right for you, be sure to contact us:

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Tour Plan

Ден 1 - Пътешествието на Великаните
Сутринта тръгване от София и пристигане до Цали Мали Град - приятна разходка, снимки за спомен. Отпътуване към долна станция на лифт Рилски езера, качване до хижата с лифта, обяд и настаняване. След обяда ще се отдадем на запознаване и забавни игри за опознаване за всички. Децата ще имат свободно време за лична почивка и разговори с останалите деца. Вечеря. Занимателни игри. Нощувка.
Ден 2 - Обучението на Великаните
Сутрешна гимнастика. Закуска. Тоалет. Игри за Оцеляване сред природата, изграждане на бивак и опъване на палатка в района на хижата. Ориентиране по природни елементи и маркировка. Обяд. Интересена беседа за оказване на първа помощ със съдействието на ПСС. Вечеря. Игри с еко насоченост.
Ден 3 - По стъпките на Великаните
Сутрешна гимнастика. Закуска. Тоалет. Преход/разходка ,,По стъпките на великаните" до езерата според физическите възможности и метеорологичните условия. Обяд-пикник около езеро. Ориентиране по маркировка. Интересни истории и легенди за езерата. Прибиране в хижата, лично време. Вечеря. Вечер на българските традиции. Изработка на различни сувенирчета и подаръчета за децата.
Ден 4 - Ловният ден на Великаните
Сутрешна гимнастика. Закуска. Тоалет. Приключенска игра/преход с ориентиране до хижа Ловна. Палене на огън с подръчни материали и самостоятелно приготвяне на обяд с открити продукти по трасето с разкриване на загадки. Щафетни игри около хижата. Преход до начална станция на лифта и връщане на хижа Рилски езера. Вечеря. Вечер на талантите и караоке.
Ден 5 - Банята на Великаните
Сутрешна гимнастика. Закуска. Тоалет. Прибиране на багажа. Слизане с лифта или пеша. Обяд.) Отпътуване към Сапарева баня. Басейн. Отпътуване към София.