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Исторически тиймбилдинг забележителности

Historic Teambuilding with games and entertainment

Historic Teambuilding with games and entertainment

Historic teambuilding is a project developed for several locations in Bulgaria

With historical team building, your team will certainly not be bored!

Historic teambuilding is a project that we have developed for various locations in Bulgaria. These locations are characterized by a rich history, preserved or restored monuments, museums, fortresses, ancient remains that reveal the rich and ancient history of our lands. In the programs we weave many different mysteries, and some of them can be logical, fun, related to interesting legends and beliefs of the people in the area.


Depending on the program, we select appropriate team building games. At your request, various activities can be added so that the program can be supplemented in an appropriate way.

With historical team building, your team will certainly not be bored! There are various places in Bulgaria, in urban conditions, which hide millennial legends and secrets. You may have visited a place, you are aware of the history and way of life, but broken through our historical teambuilding program, it will definitely make you look with different eyes. The program includes pedestrian crossings, and if desired, alternative transport can be organized.


We select appropriate team building games in the context of the overall concept. Your team can be divided into teams, including a competitive element, or all teams in the final to achieve a common goal. Our favorite city-historical team building programs are Veliko Tarnovo Boyars, From Evmolpia to Plovdiv or Banski Legends.

For historical team building we would recommend the organization to be spring, summer or autumn. Given that we have a pedestrian crossing for the participants it would be more pleasant and comfortable. Also, some sites that we would include in the winter program work with reduced working hours. Of course, if your team is set for a historic winter adventure – that would only make us happy 🙂

Historical teambuilding programs are interesting in cities or areas that have a rich history and interesting places to visit. They can be small towns like Bansko, Razlog, or larger ones like Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv. There are enough suitable places in Bulgaria, so just share with our team which region you are heading to.

The duration of historical team building is usually about 4 hours. As the program can be expanded or shortened, depending on the time you have.

This program combines well with tasting local products and specialties, learning local crafts and more.

This type of program is suitable for groups of up to 100 people. Of course there are locations that allow more participants.

Preliminary preparation is not required for historical team building. It is important that the participants have comfortable clothes and shoes, our guides will take care of the rest.

For more information about other team building programs you can see here or contact us.

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