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Kilometers of Adventures

Kilometers of Adventures

per person

This route crosses from East to West the Western Rhodopi and the South of Pirin mountains. Starting from the natural phenomenon Chudni Mostove the route is naturally following the ridge of the mountain, crossing sunny fields and hidden hamlets, penetrating the shady Trigrad and Buinovo gorges. There are many narrow dirt roads in the area which will lead us across some architecture preserves, dams, old monasteries and fortresses, until we finally reach Struma valley.

Difficulty: 3/4

Cycling distance in total: ~ 220 км

Duration: 6 days

Accommodation: private hotels and tents

The price is for a group of 6 people.

Price does not include: bike rental (20 BGN per day)

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  • Included
    Tour guide
    Transport during trip
  • Not Included
    sleeping bag and mat
    Transport to starting point

Tour Plan

Day 1: Transfer from Sofia, passing through Plovdiv, to the natural phenomenon Chudni Mostove. Also known as Marvelous or Wonderful Bridges, Chudni Mostove (the name in Bulgarian) are natural arches located in the karst valley of the Erkyupriya River. Our route will lead us to the architectural and folklore reserve Shiroka Laka. The village is also famous with its authentic Rodopian houses. Overnight in a hotel.
Day 2: Today we are starting with a nice mountain bike trip from Gela village. There is a legend telling the Thracian singer - Orpheus, was born in this picturesque village. Inspired from legends and impressive mountain peaks, we are going to continue our way to Trigrad – with its gorge and caves this is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the area. Overnight in a hotel in Trigrad.
Day 3: The start of the day could sound a little bit scary as we are going to visit Diavolskoto Garlo or Devil's Throat Cave – it’s spectacular with a waterfall rushing down the cave. After biking from Trigrad to Yagodina, we will have the chance to visit Yagodinska cave as well – a universe of mysterious forms and figures. Passing through Teshel village, we will finish the day in Dospat – beautiful small city, next to a dam with the same name. Overnight in a hotel in Dospat.
Day 4: Mountain biking from Dospat dam to Kovachevitsa village. Kovachevitsa was founded at the end of the 17th century and it’s famous with the quaint architectural style of the houses. In fact the architecture has not been changed since the founding of the village, so you will definitely feel as in the ancient times. The only building materials used are stone and wood. There is an option to visit mineral baths. Overnight stay in a traditional Rodopi house.
Day 5: From Rodopi mountain today we are going to another impressive Bulgarian mountain – Pirin. The biking will start from Pirin village – small traditional village, with some ruined old houses, but unique atmosphere used as decor for several Bulgarian movies. On our way to Melnik we are going to visit Rozhen Monastery, and in Melnik you will definitely fell in love with the Bulgarian wines :) Overnight stay in a traditional house.
Day 6: Our final day will start with transfer to Kresna town. Then we’ll reach Varbite area with our bikes, and at the end Ilindentzi village. Prepare your swimming suits, as we are going to check an old mineral baths in order to relax after the great journey. Transfer to Sofia.