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Mountain bike in Kresna Gorge

Mountain bike in Kresna Gorge

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Riding a bike into the amazing Bulgarian nature is a great pleasure! The combination of sport activities and rest will refill you with a lot of energy, and we’ll make sure that you will have time for relax as well.

The tendency in the last year is more and more people to prefer using a bike – both as transportation in the city, and for exploring wild places in the nature. Definitely this way our footprint on the nature is less, and we could stay in shape 🙂

Besides the amateur cycling there is an extreme version for advanced bikers for which special equipment and excellent biking skills are required as the riding routes are rough and rocky.

The program we are offering is in the beautiful Kresna gorge nature, combined with visits of lots of small Bulgarian villages.

Additional suggestion: one of the days could be replaced with rafting, or the program could be extend with one more day.

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  • Included
    Tour guide
    Transport during trip
  • Not Included
    sleeping bag and mat
    Transport to starting point

Tour Plan

Day 1: Vlahi mountain Padesh village – Debochnitza village – Kaliavishte peak – Sekultzi village – Padesh village Cycling distance: ~29km The route passes close to the Macedonian border - bring your ID cards!!! From Padesh village we climb over an asphalt road which passes to a dirt one, and finishes at Deboshnitza village. The route goes through the side ridge of the mountain and is extremely airy and beautiful. We’ll be accompanied with Rila and Pirin mountains and while passing through several picturesque villages.
Day 2: Pirin Old Kresna village – Thermal baths – Oshtava village – Vlahi village – Kresna Cycling distance: ~25km Our route starts in Old Kresna village, goes to an old-fashion thermal baths from where we continue to Oshtava village and the ‘Koleloto’ – mixture of store, pub and restaurant. After having few from the local shots, we will continue to Vlahi village. On our way we’ll be able to enjoy the view to the north crest of Pirin mountain. From the rebel Vlahi village we go down to Struma river and Kresna town.
Day 3: Pirin mountain Debrene village- Bozhdovo village – Dzhigurovo village – Debrene village Cycling distance: ~15km This route may look short, yet is quite challenging. It combines hard climbing and severe downhill. If you are interested we can visit the big church of Bojdovo village.
Day 4: Pirin mountain Katuntzi village – Gorno Spanqevo village – Hrasna village – Beliovo village – Kalimantzi village – Katuntzi village Cycling distance: ~25km The last day is riding around South Pirin mountain. This is one of the best routes in the region. The beginning is steep and difficult but after 3-4 km the horizont opens and in front of you rises the huge Alibotush peak. We pass the church ‘St. Haralampi’ in Hrasna village, which impresses with its size and location. The descent begins from Beliovo village. Keep distance! The track is very fast. Departure to Sofia.