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Rental of Ski/Snowboard equipment – Bansko

Rental of Ski/Snowboard equipment – Bansko

30 BGN per person

The ski or snowboard equipment is a specialized set of clothes and devices especially designed for the concrete sport.
The right equipment is of quite importance for ensuring maximum comfort and ease while practicing the chosen activity. While choosing your clothes for example don’t look only from the fashionable point of view, the most important is to have clothes that will keep you warm and dry, and you will feel comfortable with. Make sure you have selected proper jacket, trouser, pullover or sweatshirt, proper underwear – the wool models are quite good, socks, gloves and hat.

Don’t forget as well to be prepared with helmet and googles, good sunglasses could work as well in case the weather is good.

Your main equipment – ski with poles or snowboard should be carefully chosen. If you are renting and have already some experience – share it with the instructors/staff, so that they could choose for you the best option from the equipment they offer.

You need to know that the correct tuning of your equipment make difference and is really important – it will definitely affect your performance on the slopes 🙂 If you are not sure or have any questions – always ask your instructor or the professional staff at the Ski School.



Ski, ski boots and poles: 30 BGN per day

Ski and poles: 23 BGN per day

Ski boots and poles: 23 BGN per day

Snowboard and boots: 40 BGN per day

Snowboard: 30 BGN per day

Snowshoes: 20 BGN per day


Working hours: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

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