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Rental of Ski/Snowboard equipment Rila Lakes

Rental of Ski/Snowboard equipment Rila Lakes

per person

Enjoy the magic of winter sports

With us you will find ski and snowboard equipment for your winter adventure

Rental of Ski/Snowboard equipment. Adventure Net Ski School and Wardrobe is at your disposal every weekend and during the week / upon prior request /, near the lower station of the Rila Lakes lift.
The wardrobe has a wide variety of ski and snowboard equipment. You can rent snowshoes – there are sizes for people of different weights to make your walk in the mountains more enjoyable and fun.

Ски / Сноуборд Обучение

Индивидуален урок: 40лв.

Групов урок 2-4 души: 30лв.

Групов урок над 4души: 25лв.

(Цената е на човек за 60 минутен урок)

Отстъпки за групи и повече часове!

Ски / Сноуборд Оборудване

Ски, обувки и щеки: 20лв. на ден.
Сноуборд и обувки: 20лв. на ден.

Ски: 15лв.
Сноуборд: 15лв.
Ски/сноуборд обувки: 10лв.

Щеки: 5лв.

Снегоходки: 15лв.

Шейни: 5лв.

Можете да ни откриете до касата на началната станция на лифт Рилски езера

Работно време: всеки ден от 9:00ч. до 17:00ч., през делничните дни по предварителна заявка.

Камера на живо

Карта на ски зоната

Цени за настаняване

Rental of Ski/Snowboard equipment

Skis, shoes and poles: BGN 20. per day.
Snowboard and shoes: BGN 20. per day.

Skiing: BGN 15

Snowboard: BGN 15.

Ski / snowboard boots: BGN 10.

Cheeks: BGN 5

Snowshoes: BGN 15.

Sledges: BGN 5

Helmet: BGN 5

Riding mask: BGN 5

Ski / Snowboard Training

Individual lesson: BGN 40

Group lesson for 2-4 people: BGN 30.

Group lesson for over 4 people: BGN 25.

(The price is per person for a 60 minute lesson)

For booking more hours or a group of more people – you can contact us by phone, e-mail or ask on the spot.

You can find us at the box office at the starting station of the Rila Lakes lift.

Working hours: every day from 9:00. until 16:30, on weekdays by prior request.

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