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Ski Touring

Ski Touring

170 BGN per person

Enter the pristine nature and discover its boundless beauty

Ski touring is a hiking trail that includes walking, climbing and skiing

Ski touring is hiking, walking, climbing and descending with skis. Combining the technique and equipment of walking / running skis and alpine skis. Man’s desire to enter the pristine nature in winter and discover its vastness and beauty. It had led to the creation of specialized equipment for ski touring, which has been developing in recent years.


The most complex type of ski touring is defined as ski mountaineering. It includes long hikes in untouched snow, steep even steep climbs of inaccessible rocks and glaciers. Using mountaineering equipment, and dizzying descents on the gutter and endless snow fields.


Ski touring is a suitable adventure for people skiing. Wanting to enter the pristine nature outside the slopes of the resort in winter conditions.

We present to your attention ski tours with a guide in the alpine zone of Pirin, in the region of Bansko and Dobrinishte. The choice of route and the difficulty will take into account your individual capabilities and previous experience, as well as the current snow and weather conditions.

1. x. Bezbog → Bezbog peak – duration around 1:30 – 2:00 h.

2. x. Bezbog → Polezhan peak – 3: 00-4: 00 h.

3. Peshterite locality → Mechecheshalo → Banderishka Polyana – duration around 2:00 h.

4. Peshterite locality → Chernomogilski Chal – duration 5:00 h.

5. Banderishka Polyana → Chernomogilski Chal – duration 3:30.


* With a prepared group of experience we can organize a more serious tour, with a longer duration and climbing a peak in the high part of the mountain.

** The duration of each program depends on the skills and size of the group, the chosen route for boarding and disembarking, snow and weather conditions. The duration is calculated from the starting point of the given route. Does not include duration of transfers from settlements.

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