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Trekking and Rafting – an inspiring vacation

Trekking and Rafting – an inspiring vacation

130 BGN per person

Trekking-rafting vacation, bringing variety, saturation and time for relaxation

Combine the rafting on the river Struma with trekking to the hut. Sinanitsa!

Sometimes we want a long vacation, but we don’t always manage to find enough days off. For this reason, we offer you a trekking-rafting vacation, which with its variety, saturation and enough time to relax, will make you take a break from everyday thoughts and activities.

What to expect during the Rafting and Trekking vacation

We combined our favorite rafting on the river Struma and trekking to the hut. Sinanitsa, and for our inspiring vacation we will need three days 🙂

The action plan is as follows – on Friday (or another suitable for the group) we gather at the rafting camp Adventure Net. After a proper welcome from our team, we start preparing for a rafting descent. You can learn more about the rafting adventure from the rafting program and the article The most frequently asked questions about rafting!?.

After the fun-extreme moments of the descent on the river Struma, we will have a few hours to relax and eat at the base.

In the afternoon our vacation will take us to the hotel. Vihren – with organized transport, all together. We are already in Pirin Mountain and in the evening we will have a short analysis of our upcoming trekking, and a nice quiet evening in the atmosphere of the hut. Prepare questions for your guide – he can tell you funny stories and legends about the area 🙂

Our second day will start early in the morning, and a nice and exciting trek awaits us. At the very beginning of our transition we will be able to enjoy the beautiful Muratovo lake – there we can make a break for breakfast 🙂 During this day we planned to cross Banderishka and Sinanishka gates, reach Sinanitsa peak, enjoy the amazing views, descend to x. Sinanitsa, evening relaxation.

Depending on the desire of the group, it is possible to return on the third day by an alternative route. As well as there is an option to visit warm mineral baths – so the swimsuit should be with you 🙂 An additional option in the program is a visit to Grandma Deshka – Gorno Draglishte, where we can enjoy amazing local dishes 🙂

Details for Trekking Routes day 2 and day 3

Difficulty: Medium, with two more intense climbs

Duration of the hike second day: about 6 hours, with ascent of Sinanitsa peak and descent to the hut

Height of Sinanitsa peak: 2516 m.

Duration of the trek on the third day: about 4.5 hours. As we have the option to return the same way or through the Varbite area.

What you need to prepare for the trekking rafting program

  • Comfortable hiking boots, preferably above the ankle
  • Windbreaker
  • Thin down (optional)
  • Spare pair of socks
  • Raincoat or suitable waterproof jacket
  • Polar
  • Comfortable backpack, considering the optimal weight for you, with which you will fill it
  • Cheeks
  • Thin sleeping bag (optional and for better comfort) for x. Sinanitsa
  • Water bottle
  • Swimsuit and towel – for the rafting adventure

Food and accommodation

  • The first night is x. Whirlwind
  • The second night is at the hotel. Sinanitsa
  • In both huts there is an opportunity to buy food. It is good, however, to provide a suitable sandwich, dried fruit, nuts.
  • After the rafting descent we will have time for lunch – in the base you can order food or bring yours.

Who is the rafting-trekking program suitable for?

This three-day vacation is suitable for nature and movement lovers. Quite a good option for a family vacation, if you are with children, teenagers, friends, colleagues – it can be done as a team building program.

Appropriate time for organizing the transition

We would say – every weekend, combined with a Friday from the end of May to October. The weather is suitable during the September holidays – around September 6 or 22, for Children’s Day – if you have older teenage children with whom you want to share the holiday, for summer holidays 🙂

The price of the three-day vacation includes

  • Professional mountain guide during the trek
  • Accommodation
  • Mountain Insurance
  • Rafting Downhill and professional rafting guide
  • Transport from Rafting Base Adventure Net to hut. Whirlwind and vice versa
  • Additional options: a visit to Deshka costs BGN 35, a visit to the mineral baths – between BGN 5 and 10.

* The program is organized with a minimum of 6 participants.

Discover your next adventure and make it memorable!

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Tour Plan

Ден 1, Рафтинг и нощувка на хижа Вихрен
Сутринта среща на рафтинг база - рафтинг кемп Адвенчър Нет. Кратка почивка и време за кафе, запознаване на участниците с екипа. Подготовка за рафтинг - екипировка, инструктаж. Спускане. Връщане до базата. Почивка, възможност за обяд с домашна българска кухня на кемпа. Отпътуване към хижа Вихрен. Вечеря и нощувка.
Ден 2, Преход до х. Синаница
Закуска и начало на 5-часов преход до х. Синаница /2185 м надморска височина/. Предвидено е изкачване на вр. Синаница /2516 м надморска височина/ - гледките спират дъха, така че положените усилия си заслужават :). Вечерта се подгответе за парти около лагерния огън, нощувка в хижа Синаница или на палатка.
Ден 3, Преход до хижа Вихрен
Закуска.Преход до хижа Вихрен. Посещение на минерални бани или на гости при Дешка (по желание). Отпътуване.
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