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Клуб за екстремни спортове Adventure Net. Запазете вашето желано приключение с нас.

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Ski and snowboard

Ski / Snowboard school and wardrobe Adventure Net

Adventure Net Ski School is a licensed member of the Bulgarian Ski School Association and has qualified ski and snowboard instructors.
We offer you the most attractive and unforgettable experiences throughout the winter in the Ski Center Rila Lakes. Refresh your holiday with a variety of activities and entertainment programs.
Every weekend and during the week the school organizes skiing and snowboarding lessons at different levels, according to your abilities, with full ski / snowboard equipment and accessories at completely affordable prices.
Thanks to the instructors of the school, young and old have the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments, skiing and snowboarding in all parts of the mountain.
You can find us at the box office at the starting station of the Rila Lakes lift

Ski and Snowboard Services

Winter Adventures

We combine a variety of activities so that there is an adventurous spirit and snow activities.

Winter adventures

Experience unforgettable winter adventures with Adventure Net!

We combine a variety of activities so that there is an adventurous spirit and snow activities. Take a look at our winter programs.

Winter adventures

History of skiing

"There's no such thing as too much snow," Doug Coombs said

Historically, skis were used as a means of winter movement and hunting until the 16th century, when, according to the first written sources, they were used by the Danish infantry. Thanks to them, the speed of movement in the winter was comparable to that of light cavalry. In the 18th century, skis were adopted by the Norwegian army, and gradually began to organize ski competitions there, including cross-country movement and shooting. By the middle of the next 19th century, competitions went beyond the army and became national, gradually becoming a sport for entertainment.

Winter adventures