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Ski and Snowboard in Bansko

In the foot of North Pirin

Nestled at the foothills of North Pirin. Located 56 km from Blagoevgrad and 150 km from Sofia and Plovdiv. We are finding the so called ‘Pearl of Pirin’ – the city of Bansko. Today except from Bulgarians, the city is visited from hundreds of foreign tourists. It is one of the most popular ski resorts in the country and the biggest ski resort at the Balkans. Behind the walls of the historical and architecture monuments, you will find a lot of culture and stories of high importance for the region and the whole country.

During the winter Bansko is hosting various national and international competitions in the alpine skiing. At the same time there are great conditions for practicing winter sports no matter if you are professional, beginner or just a fan of the winter season.

Ski and Snowboard in Bansko

The city of Bansko offers to its visitors great conditions for ski tourism – you will enjoy the great combination of modern ski lifts, great slopes, architecture from the Revival period, and delicious traditional food.

The winter season is from December till mid of April. There are 230 installations for artificial snow, covering 90% of the slopes, so there are good conditions for ski till mod or end of April.

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About the ski installations and slopes

With 70 kilometers slopes, varying from wide easy slopes – blue, to more challenging red and black. The mountain has an option for all type of skiers. The altitude of the slopes is from 990 to 2600 meters.

All ski lifts are new and well maintained. The total length of lifts is 22 km, which are with 4, 6 and 8 seats, ensure the access to all routes. Four-seated lift will lead you to the highest slope in the country. Right under Todorka peak (2746 m) – Platoto at 2600 m. From this point you could choose from various slopes, to get to Banderishka meadow where ends the Gondola. At this spot are situated coffee and tea bars, small restaurants and places for ‘street’/meadow :)/ food, where you could have a nice lunch break. At this spot are situated coffee and tea bars, small restaurants and places for ‘street’/meadow :)/ food, where you could have a nice lunch break.

A unique 16-kilometers ski road will get you down to the city, at the start of the Gondola and only 50 meters far from the closest cold beer or mulled wine.
The ski road is suitable for beginners, medium level skiers and snowboarders, well maintained and lightened during the whole season. The 20 slopes in the resort are offering great conditions for each level.
If you prefer free ride style, Bansko is one of the best spots at the Balkans – just make sure you will get information for the conditions and hire local guide. While the snow is good there are plenty of interesting places – routes into the forest, between the trees and out of the regular slopes. If you decide to try – be cautious and find local guide!
For all snowboard fans, there is especially designed spot for jumps and tricks. The park is at Plato 2 slope and is usually open till end of January.

Winter Adventures in Bansko

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